Rides / Events @ à bloc

Coffee / Cycling / Community is our mantra, we actively encourage our amazing community to come together to ride, educate and inspire each other.

Our goal is to be Los Angeles' preeminent start, end, and even mid ride pop-in spot for local group rides, and a must visit destination for globe trotting cycling enthusiasts.

If you are interested starting, finishing or just dropping into à bloc mid-ride, send us an email and we'll put your ride up on our board.

As we slowly bounce back from the Global Pandemic we hope to organise more group rides and event... bare with us, we appreciate all your love and support.

Please note: Our weekly ride schedules can change; we usually post the upcoming ride info the day of the ride, so please check our Instagram Stories and Strava Club for updates! Links below.

Please Note

Check back frequently or follow us on Instagram for updates.


*Disclaimer: Bicycle riding can be dangerous and there are inherent risks involved. All cyclists are responsible for his/her/their own actions; this is notice that à bloc / LA cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur while riding your bicycle. Please obey all traffic laws. Thank you.